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Prescriptions and Medications

We’re here to help meet all your medication needs, from filling prescriptions to providing quality over the counter medicines and supplements.


LaPharmacy offers Custom Compounding to create personalized medicine and supplements. Our compounding pharmacist can create medications with higher or lower amounts of certain ingredients tailored to each patient’s unique needs, including those with allergies or those unable to swallow pills.


LaPharmacy’s staff Registered Nurse offers immunization shots to keep you and your family up to date on recommended vaccines, like for seasonal flu, tetanus, pneumonia, shingles, and HPV.


LaPharmacy Medication Kits make it easy to know what to take and when- without having to worry about mixing the wrong medications or forgetting doses.

Medication Synchronization

Our pharmacist will get all of your medications ready on the same day each month, so you only need one pickup and never have to worry about missing a dose. 

MEDICATION Consultations

LaPharmacy’s knowledgeable pharmacist is available to provide private one-on-one consultations to help you better understand and manage your medications and health conditions. This service is also available to care providers.


We’re here to help everyone reach their optimal wellness, from birth through your golden years, with specialty products and services for: 

  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Moms and babies


  • Supplements
  • Over-the-Counter Medicines
  • Therapeutic Devices 
  • CBD products that meet the highest standards

Gift Area

Our gift area features a variety of specialty merchandise.